More Changes for Jennifer


We first worked with Jennifer in 2012. That's 3 years ago. Three years and just as many redesigns. I love when clients come back for updates! You know how often I change up my design so I totally understand when my clients want to do the same. Jennifer even went through a name chance and stuck with us, that makes me very happy. Here are the fun … [Read more...]

The never-ending redesign has ended, I think


I would like to say, "you're welcome!" to any of you who may have been checking out the site regularly over the last month or so. I redesigned it. And then I couldn't stop. It was blue, then red, then purple. I couldn't get it just right. You got quite a show. I think I've achieved lift-off now though. I'm so confident in the new design that I'm … [Read more...]

An update for Lauren


Lauren is one of my tops. She is a fantastic lady! She has been a loyal repeat customer for years (since 2012). She comes straight to me when she needs something web/graphic design related and I'm happy to do it for her if I can. Our emails are open and honest (if she doesn't like something she'll tell me - I love that). We can talk to each other … [Read more...]

Consistency and Me


Consistency. That was the word I was searching for last week when I wrote my post. This little blog of mine lacks consistency. It's partly because I change the design so often, and it's partly because I have things of higher priority in my life. And, honestly, it's partly because I didn't know what I wanted or what would work best. I've grown SO … [Read more...]

Because of blogging, I write.


I wanted to be a writer when I was in middle school filling notebook after notebook with stories. I loved putting my head down, ignoring my classmates and the 'real world' around me, and focusing on a goal of my very own. I wanted it so badly and I enjoyed it immensely but I had to come to terms with the truth. The truth was, I wasn't very good at … [Read more...]

Promo: Flash sale for Stikwood


I'm a designer. It's a huge part of who I am. I not only design online spaces but I LOVE designing my home as well. Here is a peek at my daughter's room. I just recently finished our guest room/playroom and it's fabulously bright and cheerful. Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this is because I've got that itch. I NEED to update our upstairs … [Read more...]