Project: blog design | I Love Looking Good


The stylish husband and wife duo at I Love Looking Good came to us a few years back for a blog design. They already had a logo they wanted to use as a header so it was a fairly simple project with good results. But with time, design, as so many other things, tends to get stale. With a new logo in hand, they recently approached us again. They asked us to update the header, sidebar, and layout. We all love how simple and fresh the new design turned out! … [Read more...]

Project: Logo and Web Design | Out and About Mom

custom web and graphic design |

The girls at Out and About Mom were fantastic to work with! They are both extremely nice plus they came to the table with great ideas. I love pink and navy together; I almost jumped up and down when they told me the color combo they wanted. We all think the result is fabulous! Here are there kind words, "Ashley was so easy and fun to work with. She listened to all our ideas, allowed us to communicate our vision in multiple ways, and was extremely diligent about incorporating our feedback … [Read more...]

News: Site Update


Last week I was bored and in a funk. I didn't know what to do with myself so I played around with the design for this blog and our DreamUp Studios website. I hadn't planed on implementing any of the changes, I was just having fun. Most of what I did sucked but then something I did didn't suck. I actually liked it a lot. So I decided to make the changes live. Mostly I've updated the color scheme. It used to be orange and though I liked it enough not to care, I know orange is a least favorite … [Read more...]

Project: Logo | Callie Mason Boutique


Recently I had the pleasure of working with Sally and her sisters. They needed a logo for a new boutique they are starting together. They decided to name it after their mother. How sweet it that?! They knew they wanted a frame around the title and after playing around with some floral and swirls they decided that simple was best. Callie Mason Boutique - Logo Design I gave them a version in plum and one in blue. We all just love how it turned out. What do you think? Love it too? … [Read more...]

Project: Colorful Cravings


Last week I mentioned that I had something super fun and exciting up my sleeve. Drum-roll please... I've started a new blog! It's called Colorful Cravings. I wrote my first post yesterday and I'm so thrilled. Here is the design: Colorful Cravings blog design I think I'm going to really enjoy it! I enjoy this blog, I do, but I try to keep it more professional and I only post once a week. This new blog is just for me. I plan on posting everyday. I am going to post whatever I … [Read more...]

Color Psychology


I got an email requesting that I post the following infographic. Since I'm nice and love color, I've decided to post it. I think you'll agree it's pretty great. Enjoy! credit: And speaking of color I have something super fun and exciting up my sleeve!! Stay tuned for the details. … [Read more...]