Typepad Design for Life of Seven

typepad design

Jen has seven kids. I can't even imagine the joy and chaos she must experience everyday. The noise. Oh my. I know some people love the noise of a full house but I don't think I could handle that much noise. I've got one kid. A girl, eight months old. I want two more and I'm pretty sure that's it. I'll be lucky to get those really. It took 7 … [Read more...]

Blogger design for Shelley Bean


Shelley is my mom's best friend. She's an artist herself but not being a web designer she couldn't get the look of her blog just right. She heard that I did web/graphic design and naturally asked for my help. She wanted to incorporate one of her drawings if possible and of course that turned into my favorite part of her new design. I wish I could … [Read more...]

More WordPress.org Changes for Jennifer


We first worked with Jennifer in 2012. That's 3 years ago. Three years and just as many redesigns. I love when clients come back for updates! You know how often I change up my design so I totally understand when my clients want to do the same. Jennifer even went through a name chance and stuck with us, that makes me very happy. Here are the fun … [Read more...]

The never-ending redesign has ended, I think


I would like to say, "you're welcome!" to any of you who may have been checking out the site regularly over the last month or so. I redesigned it. And then I couldn't stop. It was blue, then red, then purple. I couldn't get it just right. You got quite a show. I think I've achieved lift-off now though. I'm so confident in the new design that I'm … [Read more...]

An update for Lauren


Lauren is one of my tops. She is a fantastic lady! She has been a loyal repeat customer for years (since 2012). She comes straight to me when she needs something web/graphic design related and I'm happy to do it for her if I can. Our emails are open and honest (if she doesn't like something she'll tell me - I love that). We can talk to each other … [Read more...]

Consistency and Me


Consistency. That was the word I was searching for last week when I wrote my post. This little blog of mine lacks consistency. It's partly because I change the design so often, and it's partly because I have things of higher priority in my life. And, honestly, it's partly because I didn't know what I wanted or what would work best. I've grown SO … [Read more...]