Project: blog design | Tama Fortner


Another design with a personal photo on the header. I love my job! This one was completely my style and I nailed it on the first try. :) Tama Fortner | blog design I love the fonts, I love the bold colors, I love the about blub. I even love all the white space. What do you love most about this one? … [Read more...]

Project: blog design | Tiffany’s Cardtique

custom web and graphic design | tiffany's cardtique |

Tiffany is a papercrafter and blogger. She came to us wanting an updated design for her Blogger blog. She knew she wanted earthtones and/or muted colors (nothing bright). She wanted pink, bows and lace and a bit of vintage. She wanted the overall feel to be friendly, fun, soft, artistic, and inspirational. Tiffany's Cardtique | Blogger blog design Take a look at the results above. Do you think we accomplished the task? Tiffany does and that's all that matters to me. I love making my … [Read more...]

Project: blog design | Ines Cabral

custom web and graphic design | ines cabral | blog design

I had the great pleasure of working with Ines recently. She is a an inspiration to a lot of people and has started a blog to share her story and journey. Ines know the basic layout of what she wanted and then let me run with the details. She ended up loving it, yippee! Ines Cabral | blog design Here are her kind words about working with DreamUp Studios, "Ashley was an amazing person to work with. I had never set up blog and 95% of this stuff was so foreign to me. I was … [Read more...]

Personal: Oh baby!


Some of you may have noticed that I've been off my game the last five months or so. I posted on facebook long ago that I had a good reason. So what is the reason? Well it's more of a who than a what. I'm pregnant with a baby girl!! She is due Jan. 6th. Hubs and I are so happy and excited, I can't even begin to express it! This will be our first. We've been trying since we got married, 7 years ago, and we finally got our miracle. :) … [Read more...]

Project: blog design | Aly Stamps

custom web and graphic design | aly stamps | blog design

Aly had a clear vision of what she wanted for her new blog design: chalkboard. After trying several different ideas I went with the more subtle approach and crossed my fingers that she would like it. Thankfully she did, she totally understood why I went the route I did, and it was pretty awesome! After a few adjustments we were done. I got Aly's new blog design installed and it looked even better in person. Aly Stamps | blog design Thanks Aly, for letting me play!! … [Read more...]