Personal: Be a better blogger

How personal should a business blog be?


As I’ve been mulling over my new years goals, I’ve been thinking about the above question a lot. I’ve already shared that one of my goals is to be a better blogger and judging by the comments on my last post I’m feeling pretty good about that. I’m thinking I want to take the plunge and add more personal content to this blog. I’ll definitely limit myself on what I share, and I may change my mind as time goes on, but it might be a really good thing!

Here are some of my ‘be a better blogger’ new years goals:


What do you think? Are they accomplish-able, is there anything I missed? I hope this leap turns out to be successful but if not I plead that you refrain from throwing virtual rotted cabbage my way, virtual soap is way to expensive. :)


    • Ashley says

      I know, leaving comments is so rewarding! I like the two new blogs a day idea. Thanks for sharing and commenting!

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